Yossi Feigenson
Yossi Feigenson
Managing Partner

Yossi brings six years of Real Estate Sales and leasing experience to ORB Real Estate Professionals.

His unique, disarming style has enabled him to develop and maintain key relationships in the real estate industry, and many other industries.  His engaging style helps him create a rapport with his clients that are so crucial in today’s fast paced and impersonal society.

Yossi’s specialty is working with professionals and small business owners across the entire spectrum of industries.

Yossi’s analytical skills have been honed through his past and ongoing study.  He has a BS in Actuarial Mathematics.  He is an avid student of the Talmud, Kabala, Philosophy and business.

He was a partner in a Risk Arbitrage fund, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions. 

Yossi is an avid reader and runner.

Glenn Teyf
Glenn Teyf,
Managing Partner

Glenn Teyf was born in Minsk, Belorussia. He came to America at the age of 8. By the age of 19 Glenn became a VP of sales for a major Wall Street Brokerage Company. In his early 20’s Glenn decided to change careers and opened up Teyf Wellness Center- a premier wellness company specializing in high end wellness services. Teyf Wellness Center became the “Official Wellness Provider” for Miss Universe Organization and Russian Nobility Association.

After owning several wellness centers and spending more than a decade in the wellness industry Glenn sold his business and went in to commercial real estate.

Glenn is a managing partner at ORB Real Estate Professionals and specializes in commercial sales and leasing.
Glenn's combined experiences as business owner and as part of a fortune 500 financial institution, gives him the unique perspective which enables him to relate to a highly diverse range of people and companies in various stages of development and growth.